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In Doubt: The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process (Dan Simon)
Harvard University Press USC Gould School of Law USC Gould School of Law
To be released in Chinese by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press (2016).  

In Doubt: The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process

The criminal justice process is unavoidably human. Police detectives, witnesses, suspects, and victims shape the course of investigations, while prosecutors, defense attorneys, jurors, and judges affect the outcome of adjudication. In this sweeping review of psychological research, Dan Simon shows how flawed investigations can produce erroneous evidence and why well-meaning juries can send innocent people to prison and set the guilty free.

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Dan Simon is the Richard L. and Maria B. Crutcher Professor of Law and Psychology at the Gould School of Law and has a secondary appointment at the Department of Psychology, both at the University of Southern California. Simon specializes in the field of Law & Psychology, and has published widely in both legal and experimental psychological journals.

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